Mittwoch, 20. Februar 2013

More Sokyra hatchets from the Ukranian Hutsul region

 Those are some fine examples of Hutsul hatchets I found on the web. I am really, really fond of the craftsmanship and the beautiful lines of these tools in general.

Huzulen mit Bartkas singen Weihnachten carol
I have linked the photos to the original sites. The proprietors of the publishing rights can contact me if there are any problems.

Most interesting is the picture above of Hutsul gentlemen singing Chrismas carols with their axes raised. The hatchet seems to be of a huge cultural significance in this culture. Here is a link about some aspects of their culture.

It is a highland Carpathian ethnia, and I find their attire reminds one a bit of some Saami attires... have to do some research on that. In any case, there seems to be a living axe cult in Ukrania, and I suppose the roots of it might go back to the bronze age. I will do some research on that, promise;-)

As one example might serve this Aunjetitzer hatchet:
Die Nackenkammaxt aus dem Hort von Naumburg Gesamtansicht [Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte Halle]

Or this one found in Poland:
 Die Schafthalsaxt von Freyburg OT Zscheiplitz  [31]

Another one from Brachwitz, Poland:
Die Schafthalsaxt von Brachwitz Gesamtansicht [31]

Those are several examples for beautiful axeheads from the copper- and bronze age. The morphology of these axes bear a striking resemblance to some modern examples. I will keep you informed on my progress on the research!

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