Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Brief review of a Victorinox Rucksack folder-bargain to boot

I want to share with you a recent acquisition of mine, a flea market find, but a new one and identical to the up-to-date model. It´s a Victorinox Rucksack, and it is a somewhat nasty product policy ;-), in that it renders many custom efforts a bit futile. It´s a bit like the case with Moras. The knife has a 86 mmx2,4 mm main blade. The steel of the tools is 1.4110 (440A) with a Rockwell hardness of about 54-56 HRC. It has aluminium liners with a stainless steel bolt-lock mechanism, a saw, cap lifter and can opener, corksrew and awl.
Here you can see the bolt of the locking mechanism.
This bolt is spring-loaded and drawn back by the grey button. The locking mechanism is enforced by a spring as with a slipjoint. The blade has some radial play, about 0,3 mm, which is a bit annoying at first, but, as the knife stands the spine whack test with not so much of a slip, it is a matter of getting accustomed to it. The locking mechanism certainly inspires the confidence, but could be machined more precisely. There was no axial play, and the finish was awesome. The blade and saw came out of the box (it was new) razor sharp. The owner had not bothered to take it out of that box, let around fuss around with it, and I guess that was a good thing:-). 
Here you can see the main blade in locked mode. The bolt slips into the root of the blade. The knife overall feels light and nimble, and, I have to admit, might be as well all you need for a bimble through the local woods, maybe even an overnighter. The blade is a real cutter, and the handle comfortable enough for overall work. Whittling, cutting cardboard, packaging, cordage, making fuzz sticks and the like are a cinch, and the additional tools make for good versatility. Sold new it costs around 36 €, and at that price, it is a bargain hard to beat. It is easily up to par with knives far more expensive. It is no beater knife, and I would not exactly want to baton it hard, but then there are far better ways to split wood...;-) than batoning, that is.

It offers a solid value. The scales cry "replace me", but otherwise they are dead functional and get the job done very good. Victorinox could work on the radial play, but I have seen folders with that equipment three times the price being worse. The axial play is non-existent and I guess will take a long time to develop. The steel is no wonder material, too, but flexible even when prying, easily serviced and keeps an edge well enough.

If you are looking for an allround pocket knife for those short walks, dayhikes and even overnighters, look no further.

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