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Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012

New bushcraft knife

 I made a new bushcraft knife. Ilkka Seikku has inspired me a lot, but I did not simply want to copy, but wanted a knife as rugged as his with the look of my own style. I am quite fond of a slight recurve and added a finger hold. It is made from selectively tempered spring steel with less than 1 % stock removal.
 I also made a sheath with a wooden (oak) inlay. Here it is not tanned yet and I also added some stitches.
The blade is 115 mm long and has a 6mm spine. The handle is elk antler. I tried out to do some balancing and thusly drilled out the hind part of the tang with 8mm holes. The centre of balance is on the first hollow rivet, on the index finger notch. It feels light and nimble for that. The blade has no secondary edge bevel.

I tested it already, and it does the job. I will document that with some photos, no worries;-). It is not as hard as Ilkka´s knives, some 58 HRC or so, but flexible enough. Chopping mild steel rods inflicted some dents on the blade, carving was a cinch, and it even stropped a Mora Triflex blade. Guess it will accompagny me personally, and I will work on perfecting the design.


  1. To my eye it's a good design. I can almost feel it in my hand. Hope it's working out well.

  2. It is, and I have already given it a good beating;-). One could perfect it still ( a lot, in fact!), but it´s useable. Spring steel, by the way, is hard to beat...

  3. Hello Fimbulmyrk! Very nice looking knife. Im very happy and flattered, that my works has inspired You, that´s the best thank man can have!
    Keep up the great works!
    Ilkka Seikku

  4. Hi Ilkka, now I am flattered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a real master to me, and I can but give that compliment back! I covet your bush prowler blade, and one day you´ll get an order from me. Just have to save some money still...

    It is great to have you looking at my blog...

    If you´d ever be in Germany, feel free to contact me, my smithy´s yours!;-)

    By the way, was that you on that Korpiklaani video "Rauta"? I thought to have seen you on Perkunas´ blog, and to have recognized you...;-)


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