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Mittwoch, 31. August 2016

Progress on the sheath system for Úlenkláwe

Here´s an update on the sheath system for my Sica. It will be some kind of shoulder harness rig. I fitted the Paracord just for measure. The actual system will be made with handmade brass or steel fittings. I was informed that the actual kind of carrying "system" for this style of knife, namely by the "Sicarii" who wreaked havoc on the Roman empire´s judicial system might have been quite similar, but maybe less "eloquent", for there would have been just a pouch stitched on the inside of a tunic or overgarment in those times.

Another example might be the famed Scottish "sgian achlais" or "mattucashlass". See also

Anyway, the finished system will provide the possibility to carry it slung over the shoulder and will maybe even incorporate a small pouch. Maybe it will also offer the option to carry the sheath and pouch on a belt, but we´ll see how it goes... in any case I will keep you posted! ;-)

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