Donnerstag, 5. November 2015

Into the dusk with the magic troll;-) -Lovely hike to the Marburgian Hinterland hills

Last weekend I was in desperate need of some flight reflex;-) and made for Marburg in a frenzy... we had a great time as usual, and on Monday we made for the hills to do some foraging. In an old quarry used for ages as a dumping ground I had already found a load of ancient wrought iron, and I wanted to have a look if there was anything left, so, in addition to our basic foraging tools, we packed a small gardening shovel (a very underestimated bushcraft tool in my opinion), and off we were into the radiant autumn light.

The missus taking photos... I don´t think much of taking photos all of the time, if you ask me...;-)
Some people even take photos of turds decorated with autumn leaves.;-)
We relished in the golden-green light that led us up the hill. The sun´s beams were sifting and shimmering through the rustling leaves gently moved by a gentle breeze, and it was warm.
In fact it was VERY warm, and the magic troll was constantly whining*ggg*.
We said goodbye to this tree, which will be felled soon. We will remember its rustling leaves and the golden light in its withered branches and hope its saplings have spread far and wide.
Towards the open meadows where happy horses prosper. It is all one meadow, and the steeds have it all for themselves... this is great to see. There are even apple trees growing in between, and the horses obviously enjoy it there.

Slowly we came to the hilltop, with the grumbling of the magic troll a consistent soundtrack in the background.*ggg*
Looking from the hilltop towards Marburg castle, a view we cherish every time we are getting there.
We then were greeted by this "little uncle";-) who was obviously NOT being curious, no, not at all...;-).
No... I am just here to eat some grass... by the way... what you up to?;-)
Apologies for the turmery....

...but that´s how it is... horses in the sunlight...
...being nice to each other...
No animals, less intelligent than the crown of creation. Not capable of building up social structures, you know. Man is far superior, of course. ;-)

Does not decrease my appetite for salami, by the way. X-D

Deeper into the woods we went along oft-trodden paths so diverse and always different...
The magic troll taking photos....
HA! I took this pic first!;-)
Then we encountered some ´shrooms for stew....
..and ventured into the thicket.
Gate of sunlight led us into the realm of the earth...
...where steel was waiting.
Then the sun went down.

And when the stars came out we returned from our happy bimble with a heart full of love and contention. It was like breathing through, and breathing deeply in. In a world far removed from the actual, where things still make sense.

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