Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

Progress on my little fully integral En - Nep

So, it has been quite some time coming, but it is getting there. I have been treading very carefully with this knife, but here it is. The blade is made from spring steel with a selective temper, the bolsters are one piece. the tang, while being a good 10 mm thick, is drilled and lathed out for balance, bolsters and buttcap are finished with a ball peen hammer. The scales are stag antler fitted with volcanic fibre inlays and screwed on with a  brass screw theat was then sawed off. Of course, they are epoxied on, too. The balance point is still a bit too far back to the rear, just behind the index finger, but as is, it´s nimble enough. The filework shows a snake that winds itself thhrough the bolster and into the tang, and I hope to be ableto do some engraving, too. I will show you more details as soon as it´s done. The blade itself has a high convex bevel, and having taken it through its paces already I can say...


I hope I can show you some testing soon.;-).

I like this one.

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