Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

Dirty BSTD in a sheath;-)

 This is the knife I made fast and dirty from ancient spring steel, with hammer, tongs, anvil, fire, oil and a diamond hone. No electric grinder or drill, no filing. The blade is made from ancient spring steel I found in the woods with an estimated carbon content of 0,75-0,90% and not much more, the handle is from an old chandelier.
 The tang is burned through, then glued in, the tang peened over a brass disc (which will see some filing, okay, I know I´m sloppy;-))
 The integral is forged 100% to fit with the help of a nail device. The blade has a hollow taper towards the edge which fades into a convex "grind" towards the edge, all hammer-forged.
I have tested it thoroughly already. It cuts iron rods and yet is sharp enough to slice curvatures into freehanging newspaper. It chops antler and still shaves afterwards. Due to the forged hollow it is extremely slicey, but since it is forged, not ground, it is actually even tougher than a flat grinded knife. I made a sheath for it with loops for vertical and horizontal carry, which did not turn out too well, because when temepering the leather the front loop got to hot and crinkled, meaning it also shrank a bit. My favourite 5 cm belt only fits through it with an effort now, but no harm done.

I guess it is soon to become one of my favourite heavy-task bushcraft knives...

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