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Dienstag, 18. März 2014

Spring hammer - In at the Bethaus smithy

 Last weekend saw the sun shining and the folks getting nervous to be out smithing again. So we called each other up, and made for the smithy. Willy was already there lighting up forge.
 Nick dropped by, too. He wanted to get the little spring steel knife he started for his woman, ready, and found out the hard way that annealing is the harder part... don´t let it bother you, bro, you´re doing well enough, and we all know how it is to get the first one done!
 This is the bronze knife I forged that day.
 The kids kept coming, and we did some tutorials, too.
 Willy especially had a lot to do and did a great job as usual!
 The kids were right stoked to make their own projects!
 Then Daniel arrived and had a go himself. It was all  a good-natured and friendly atmosphere, and many of the kids weren´t there for the first time, but are there each weekend to do some forging.
 This is an iron age knife Willy made with the kids. Inspiring!
 I forged this teeter-totter snail, and it was almost as much fun making it as playing with it afterwards... guess there´s an idea!
 Then Alex and his kids dropped by. Alex is Viktor´s son and keeps the fire burning for sure. He brought his own barbecue, and we had a chat and a laugh!
 A Kopis I made, all integral, no grinding yet!
 When the moon came out, we lit the barbecue again. I had prepared some cheese- stuffed champignons and parika, the guys brought meat and bread, we had a beer and chatted the night away.
 Oh, and discussed the results of a day;-). Sgians forged by myself and finished by Willy... guess there´s a cooperation coming;-)...

 Viktor had got himself some cleavers on a flea market recently, and I like ´em very much. Presumeably from the 18th / 19th century, all hand - forged.
When I rode home I was feeling content and glad of my acquaintance! Folks, it was a fun day, great to have you around!

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