Dienstag, 9. Juni 2015

The works of Lukas Mästle-Goer

On Solingen knife expo I had the privilege to meet with Lukas Mästle - Goer, a tutor in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), working mainly with the long sword, student of medicine and part- time sword- and knifemaker. He gave me valuable insight into his method of swordmaking. Since his instruction work is mostly based on renaissance and late medieval manuscripts, he concentrates on the renaissance and late medieval sword types also.
He makes his blades from billet by stock removal, which is not my piece of cake actually, but, to be honest, modern spring and tool steel is, for the most part hot- or cold rolled blank which actually imposes no harm to the durability of a blade. In this photo he had laid out the design on the billet.
 He cuts it with an angle grinder.
 The edge takes shape by grinding. Here you can see he uses a sketch for construction.
 The fuller is then marked out.

 The last steps are accomplished by hand. The blade is filed, sanded and polished to a high lustre.
 What intrigues me most is that he achieves a great work of art with relatively simple tools.
He also makes his own knives:
I especially liked this small beauty that also would make for a great bush companion.

This is his workshop... I´d love to have one, too;-).

All those photos  and the basic information are by Lukas himself. The best part is, this is in no way all! You can follow him on



I hope to tell you news soon and wish Lukas good progress. The swordmaking scene is alive and well and this is good to behold.

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